For Our Shared Humanity

Where does your money go?

All expenses associated with…

Shaping an Educational Voice

Creating curriculum, tools, and materials supporting the FOSH message. 

Targeting Intergenerational Awareness and Connection

Hosting speaking engagements at schools, clubs, and churches at all levels of education.

Building a National, Unifying Presence

Optimizing digital & cellular technology to engage and communicate across all online social platforms. 

Promoting  a Connection to Common Ground

Travel, housing, and related expenses in connection to coordinating the “walking our talk and talking about our walk” national speaking tour.

All For Our Shared Humanity

“We are more alike, my friends than we are unalike!” – Maya Angelou

With your financial support, the majority of the proceeds from your charitable giving during the WALK2theMIDDLE will gratefully benefit the ability of ForOurSharedHumanity (FOSH) to shape an educational voice targeting intergenerational awareness for our shared humanity and share this same voice after the WALK through an organized national education campaign.

Where does the money come from?

Be The First To Know

It all begins with a single step. We’re committed to taking the steps necessary to support a cause dear to our hearts and promote a national unifying dynamic influenced through shared humanity. Stay up to date on all things FOSH and sign up with your email address to receive updates and info.