For Our Shared Humanity

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A Walk Through the Middle, Down the Center

FOSH officially launched in summer of 2021 when founder John Inserra took his first steps on the 4th of July in a 1700-mile, 120-day walking journey from Westhope, North Dakota to Hope, Texas. The purpose behind the WALK was to slow life down to a walking pace, connected with strangers in over 75 towns, through 6 states, straight down the book spine of our country, on foot, at eye level, in first person, concentrating solely on what we all have in common; walk to the center to find common ground, looking, listening, and learning, documenting the entire journey, shaping a voice, and building a base of appropriate educational content and programming to later share in our schools, at all levels, promoting a national unifying dynamic influenced through shared humanity.

20 miles / day, every day. Sparking connection, every day.
Sharing humanity, every day.